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Clothes clips on a rope

05 Plastic clothes clips on a rope

Plastic cloth holding clips hanging free on a rope photographed playing with focus. More »

Kathmandu Night Lights

01 Night view of Kathmandu Valley from Swayambhunath

A night view of Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal from an ancient religious complex Swayambhunath, which is on atop a hill in the valley popularly known as Monkey Temple. More »

Deji Baraili

04 Deji Baraili Nepali singer from Darjeeling India

Deji Baraili is famous Nepali singer from Darjeeling, India. 'Bhainsi Ladyo Hai Maya' and 'Mayalu Le Samjhyo Ki Kaso' are most famous songs of her. She had recorded her famous songs on her age of 15. More »

Honey Bee collecting nectar

03 Honey Bee collecting nectar in Balkhu Kathmandu

A honey bee (Apis mellifera) collects nectar from a flower in a garden at Tribhuvan University, Office of the Controller of Examination, Balkhu Kathmandu, Nepal. Honey bee produce honey from natural nectar, which is considered as traditional medicine in Nepal and Indian subcontinent. More »

Mugling Bridge

01 Mugling bridge

The Mugling Bridge over the Trishuli River at Mugling Chitwan connects capital Kathmandu with western districts of Kaski, Tanahun, Lamjung, Gorkha, Myagdi, and Baglung. 125-metre long bridge was constructed in 1972 with the capacity of 15 Metric Tonnes. More »

Ploughing with a power tiller

02 Ploughing with a power tiller in Kathmandu

Farmer ploughing his field using a power tiller in Manamaiju, Kathmandu. With traditional belief, farmers of Kathmandu valley do not use ox and plow as a method to make furrow for cultivation. But in rural and hill side in Nepal plowing using ox and a plow is till dominant technology for agricultural cultivation. More »

Janakavi keshari

03 Janakabi Keshari Dharmaraj Thapa

Dharmaraj Thapa is the most significant Nepali folk singer. Popular as litterateur, lyricist and singer he was titled 'Janakavi Keshari' by the then King Mahendra in 2013 BS. 'Hariyo Danda Maathi' is most popular song by him. More »

Historic Hydro Power Station

01 Nepal Electric Authority Pharping Hydropower Station Nepal 100 years old electronic powerhouse in ASIA

Renovated Pharping Hydropower Station located in 15 KM southern hills of Kathmandu Valley. Being century old station it's the historic power station in Nepal built in 1911 AD with the capacity of 500KV. More »

Alok Nembang

01 Alok Nembang Nepalese film and music videos director

Alok Nembang is a Nepalese film and music video director considered as great music video director in Nepal. A leisure website mentioned him as synonymous for Nepalese music video. He started his career as film director in Nepalese film industry from Sano Sansar (heavily influenced by Korean movie My Sassy Girl) in 2008. More »

Adrian Pradhan

01 Adrian Pradhan Nepalese vocalist composer and song writer

Adrian Pradhan is a Nepalese vocalist, composer and song writer. Who started his musical journey from childhood days in school where learned music and involved as a member of a school choir at St. Augustine, Kalimpong India. More »