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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Rani Pokhari in lights

Rani Pokhari (queen's pond) an historic artificial pond with famous Balgopal Temple in center with colors of light. Situated at the heart of capital city Kathmandu temple holds a significant cultural value. More »

Rishi Dhamala in Yog Mood

Rishi Dhamala, famous Nepalese journalist in yoga position in Tundikhel Kathmandu during BABA Ramdev's Yog Vigyan Shivir-2010. Dhamala holds distinct position as a journalist although often criticized for his presentation as an interviewer. More »

Railway Track

Sydney's Railway Track in Strathfield Station Sydney, Australia. More »

Amazing Tree

An amazing tree with male genitals in St Peters, Sydney, Australia. More »

Sydney Train on Slow Shutter

A Train heading toward Redfern photographed in slow shutter mode in St Peters Train Station Sydney Australia. More »

Colorful Sydney Buses

Buses of Sydney Transport Services in parking near to Central Train Station Sydney. Sydney has convenient public transport service, with different colors they look very beautiful too. More »

St. Peters Station

Panorama shot of St. Peters Train Station, Sydney Australia. More »

Hemanta Kafle’s holiday in Wollongong

Hello friends I am Hemanta Kafle from Nepal, have spent my holiday in Wollongong and sharing some shots with you. More »

Central railway station #iPhoneography

Central Railway Station situated in the southern end of the Sydney CBD, this is the largest railway station in Australia. More »

Kalash Yatra

A colourful Kalash Yatra being taken out in Kathmandu. More »