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Mukunde and audience

02 Mukunda Ghimire Mukunde in Ratnapark

Mukunda Ghimire popularly known as Mukunde delivering speech from tree and curious people paying attention to him. More »

Rani Pokhari in lights

01 Ranipokhari Kathmandu Nepal Shiv Temple in Kathmandu

Rani Pokhari (queen's pond) an historic artificial pond with famous Balgopal Temple in center with colors of light. Situated at the heart of capital city Kathmandu temple holds a significant cultural value. More »

God on necklace and keyring

02 necklace with idol of god Ganesh

Idols of god Ganesh set with necklace and keyring found on street shop during Shree Swasthani Brata Mela in Shankhu, 16 km north east from Ratnapark, Kathmandu, Nepal. Ganesh is believed as god of good luck in Hindu tradition. More »