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Sky and Architecture

Hindu temple with its best architectural design in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. More »

Samay Baji

A traditional dish prepared with mixture of 84 different foods to offer god. It is believed that the different foods in Samay Baji represents good luck, prosperity, fortune, health, and longevity. More »

Colored Temple Bell

A Temple bell (Ghanta) with colors of worship (pooja) photographed in Gorkha Kalika Temple, Gorkha. According to Sanatan Sanskriti (Hindu Culture) the ghanta is sounded to invite the deity to accept worship and prayers. More »

Guhyeshwari Temple

The Guhyeshwari Temple is dedicated to Shiva's shakti in her terrible manifestation as Kali. This lies on the bank of Bagmati River near to Pashupatinath Temple, entry is banned to all except Hindus. More »