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Children and Chariot

Children pulling chariot of Rato Machhindranath in Lalitpur. More »

Girl in Action

A girl of Bhasi Sunsari making effort to pull out bamboo during removal of huts in Sunsari Morang Irrigation Project. More »


Boating, Boating, Boating for peace and pleasure More »

Typically Sherpa

A girl dressed typically as sherpa woman. More »

Cultivated land

Cultivated land near river at the time of sunset in Arghakachi, Nepal. More »

Public Transport

The condition of public transportation in Lalitpur on office time .The bus is from Khokana to Ratna Park on way. More »


Pant of Rajiv Gandhi preserved in Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum New Delhi, which Rajiv Gandhi was wearing at that time when he was attacked by Tamil women in suicide bombing. More »


Rainbow with seven colors snapped in Gamgadhi, Mugu Nepal. More »

Happy Holi

Holi Celebrations with colors. More »

White Elephant Searching for king of Heaven Lord Indra

Walking into crowd with Pulu Kishi -'the white elephant' More »