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Rakshya Bandhan in Sydney

Nepalese Hindu Society organized Rakhsya Bandhan Program in Guildford, Sydney. More »

Children and Chariot

Children pulling chariot of Rato Machhindranath in Lalitpur. More »

Happy Holi

Holi Celebrations with colors. More »

White Elephant Searching for king of Heaven Lord Indra

Walking into crowd with Pulu Kishi -'the white elephant' More »

Blessing for happiness with love and care

Blessing for happiness with love and care. More »

Sprouting Desire

A cute girl of Tamang Ethnic Community in Nepal, making face paint on the occasion of Lhosar Celebration. I have captured this beautiful snap at Tundikhel, Kathmandu More »

Colorful Opera

Opera House in different color during vivid light festival 2014 in Sydney Australia. Sydney transforms itself as a spectacular canvas of light, music and happiness during this festival. More »

Reverence to King

A worshipper Baliraj Rai, paying respect to the first Kiranti King Hang Yalamber worshipping on statue during the celebration of Ubhauli festival (उभौली) in Mudhe Shanishchara, Sankhuwasava, Nepal. More »

Samay Baji

A traditional dish prepared with mixture of 84 different foods to offer god. It is believed that the different foods in Samay Baji represents good luck, prosperity, fortune, health, and longevity. More »

The Chariot

People preparing chariot to celebrate traditional festival in Lalitpur. Nepal has unique and age long tradition of celebration festivals with pulling chariot. More »