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  • Mukunde and audience

    Mukunde and audience

    Mukunda Ghimire popularly known as Mukunde delivering speech from tree and curious people paying att...

  • Girl in Action

    Girl in Action

    A girl of Bhasi Sunsari making effort to pull out bamboo during removal of huts in Sunsari Morang Ir...

  • Typically Sherpa

    Typically Sherpa

    A girl dressed typically as sherpa woman. ...

  • Blessing for happiness with love and care

    Blessing for happiness with love and care

    Blessing for happiness with love and care. ...

  • Election my concern

    Election my concern

    Differently able Aash Bahadur Gurung casting vote in constituent assembly elections 2070 from Chitwa...

  • Face and Fact

    Face and Fact

    A despondent look toward camera by a woman returning home after shopping in Liwang Bazaar, Rolpa. ...

Never too old

An elderly woman busy with weaving clothes in Ghandruk, Nepal. More »

Time to Back Home

Boatman returning home after finishing boating job in Fewa Lake, Pokhara More »

Kalash Yatra

A colourful Kalash Yatra being taken out in Kathmandu. More »

Boating in Indrawati Nepal

Youngsters enjoy boating in Indrawati River, Dolalghat Nepal. Indrawati is a part of the Kosi river system in Nepal. More »

Beach Readers

A lady reading books on the bank of coogee beach in sydney. Coogee is a great seaside destination for all has the space for picnics with plenty of barbeque areas and playgrounds. More »

Holi(Fagu Purnima) Celebration

Basanta Utsav or Fagu Purnima popularly known as Holi in Nepal and India. Its the festival of colours, and sometimes festival of love, an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus over the World. More »


Innocent smile of a child photographed when he is playing. More »

Religious Trade

A woman on her street stall with worship accessories in Basantapur near a gigantic statue of Kaal Bhairav. More »

Toiling cart puller

A toiling cart puller with loads on his Handcart passing through the Juddha Salik (Statue of Juddha Shamsher Rana) in New Road, Kathmandu Nepal. People still uses hand carts as transport tools in Nepal because its sounds cheaper. More »

Mobile Photography

A boy taking photo of a girl in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu during Durbar Marg street festival by his mobile phone. More »