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Time to Back Home

Boatman returning home after finishing boating job in Fewa Lake, Pokhara More »

Reverence to King

A worshipper Baliraj Rai, paying respect to the first Kiranti King Hang Yalamber worshipping on statue during the celebration of Ubhauli festival (उभौली) in Mudhe Shanishchara, Sankhuwasava, Nepal. More »

God and Devotee

Hindu Sadhu baba at the temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. More »

Sydney Wall Art

Walls colored with artistic images in Princes Highway St peters, Sydney Australia. On can find lots of walls and facilities with attractive artworks. More »

Holi(Fagu Purnima) Celebration

Basanta Utsav or Fagu Purnima popularly known as Holi in Nepal and India. Its the festival of colours, and sometimes festival of love, an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus over the World. More »

Flashback : People’s War

Comrades of People's Liberation Army (MPLA) welcoming their supreme commander Prachanda (PushpaKamal Dahal) in Dahaban fifth divisional office during peace process. More »

Tasty Jalebi

Jalebi, Jeri in Nepali is one of the most popular South Asian desserts. Jalebi are like funnel cakes but soaked in a sugary syrup. And, massively popular in Nepal and India to celebrate happiness. Photo was taken in Kathmandu during Shree Swasthani Mela in the bank of Shali Nadi. More »

Motorbike Workshop

Snaps of a motorbike workshop in Anamnagar, Kathmandu. Motorbike is most convenient means of travel in Kathmandu. More »

Clothes clips on a rope

Plastic cloth holding clips hanging free on a rope photographed playing with focus. More »

Ploughing with a power tiller

Farmer ploughing his field using a power tiller in Manamaiju, Kathmandu. With traditional belief, farmers of Kathmandu valley do not use ox and plow as a method to make furrow for cultivation. But in rural and hill side in Nepal plowing using ox and a plow is till dominant technology for agricultural cultivation. More »