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  • Removing Equipments

    Removing Equipments

    Construction workers removing equipments from construction site in Parramatta, western region of Syd...

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

    Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

    Famous and iconic Australian structure the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is steel through arch shaped ...

  • Sky and Architecture

    Sky and Architecture

    Hindu temple with its best architectural design in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. ...

  • Colorful Opera

    Colorful Opera

    Opera House in different color during vivid light festival 2014 in Sydney Australia. Sydney transfor...

  • Granville Station

    Granville Station

    A panorama shot of Sydney Train Track in Granville Train Station, New South Wales Australia. ...

  • Rani Pokhari in lights

    Rani Pokhari in lights

    Rani Pokhari (queen's pond) an historic artificial pond with famous Balgopal Temple in center with c...

Daraundi Bridge

Bridge over Daraundi River, Gorkha. More »

Historic Hydro Power Station

Renovated Pharping Hydropower Station located in 15 KM southern hills of Kathmandu Valley. Being century old station it's the historic power station in Nepal built in 1911 AD with the capacity of 500KV. More »