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History of photography and photojournalism in Nepal

The history of photography and photojournalism in Nepal is about two hundred years and eighty years respectively, the discipline didn’t encounter single research yet. Very few works are available in both of the fields. Most of the discussions appear as newspaper articles and chapters or paragraphs in books. The available articles and write-ups are listed in the references. There is no single document which presents the history of photojournalism and the present scenario in a systematic manner. This study has

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Beginnings of photojournalism

Technological innovation on photography opened the door for Photojournalism as it became cheap, handy to take photos outdoors. The first 35 mm camera, Leica was the benchmark for photojournalism. After its innovation photographers could go anywhere and take photos discreetly, without bulky lights and tripods. It created dramatic difference in taking photos, primarily

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Early Development of Photography

E.H. Carr has observed that history is a construct consequent upon the questions asked by the historian.[1] Typically the history of photography offer a series of histories of photographers illustrated with examples of their works.

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Three website that pays you for photos

These days everyone owns an android or iPhone with camera function with quality photo output. Almost all of us use our phone to take photos and upload them to social network for some likes and dozens of comments on that. Those people who own DSLR they also do the same.

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Definitions of Photojournalism

Photojournalism is the visual form of Journalism. In which communicator collects, process and disseminates information and news via still photo format.

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